the stress out of organising your school camp and book a fully-programmed Horizon camp. Horizon is our premier package for schools, specialising in distinctly Christian Outdoor Education. Find out how we can develop a program that suits your school's needs and values.



Horizon camps are fully programmed and run by trained Youthworks staff, with school teachers taking on a supporting role - meaning less stress and administration for school staff. What makes Horizon unique though is that it’s an inherently Christian program, developed to support the mission of Christian and Independent Schools.

The Horizon program features learning across three different spheres – the outdoors, education and community all delivered within the context of biblical Christianity.

Students will:

  • Explore God’s creation in the outdoors
  • Experience life by conquering challenges and acquiring skills
  • Build awareness of self and others within a community

The Program

Programs are designed to be sequential across school years, building on what students have learnt previously, but you can also function as a stand-alone event.

All programs are designed in consultation with you to complement the unique nature of each school, while delivering value to all stakeholders, including teachers, parents and students.

Days are fully programmed between 8am and 5pm with outdoor activities and an integrated Christian Discovery (CD) session, with Youthworks staff also catering all meals. Evenings are your own, with the exception of one night of your program, where Youthworks guides will run a night program, chosen by you from a variety of options before camp. Students will be split into activity groups of about 15 students, and we endeavour to assign the same guide to each group for all activities across the camp.

Christian Discovery

Our guides will present the Christian Discovery sessions during your camp, usually one at the beginning of each day. This is a chance for your students to study the claims of the Bible, and have the opportunity to respond in an open discussion with their activity groups. Our guides are trained in presenting in a way that keeps students engaged, while encouraging them to think critically. You can also choose the themes and outcomes of Christian Discovery sessions to be focused on by our guides and incorporated into activity debriefs throughout camp.


Youthworks runs Horizon camps at three locations within NSW, with a variety of accommodation and activity options, all priced competitively.

Whether you’re looking for a physically demanding camp – full of canoeing, hiking, and sleeping in tents – or a camp designed to build interpersonal relationships through teamwork activities like rock-climbing and initiatives, Youthworks can design a package to meet your needs. Contact Us today to start planning your next Horizon camp!