At Youthworks, we love having teachers on camp. We see enormous value in teachers sharing the positive experiences of camp with their students, and the long-lasting benefits they can provide back in the classroom. However, we also appreciate that it can be a hassle for teachers to come on camp: spending time away from their own families and needing to make arrangements to cover their roles at school.

With this in mind, we’ve made it our policy that teachers stay with us free-of-charge on Horizon camps, at a rate of 1 teacher per activity group of 15 students, plus two supervising teachers.

We’ll take great care of you, with all linen provided and comfortable beds made up prior to your stay. We’ll also make sure you’ve got plenty of access to tea, good coffee and delicious suppers, as well as WiFi around the site and all AV facilities, free of charge. Your group will have exclusive use of the venue while you’re there, and contact with groups using other venues at the centre will be minimised as much as possible by Youthworks.

Feedback from teachers is very important to us, so we encourage you to raise any concerns or suggestions you have to us, so we can do our best to address it.

Duty of Care

Duty of care for students while on camp will ultimately rest with teachers, as per Department of Education guidelines. Youthworks guides will act as facilitators, with delegated duty of care. We do everything within our power to mitigate and manage risks, with copies of our risk assessments available by contacting our office.

We ask that the Head Teacher has a clear behavioural management plan for camp, to be communicated to assisting teachers and Youthworks guides. Teachers are responsible for student conduct and discipline inside the bounds of this plan, with Youthworks guides using their own behavioural management techniques during activities to ensure student understanding and cooperation.


Outdoor activities on camp are fully customisable by you, in consultation with our bookings team. We can recommend a variety of options to achieve outcomes predetermined by you; you might be looking for a camp to push older students physically, or you could be looking to build trust and friendship between new Year 7 students. Whatever your desired outcomes, we can formulate an activity program for you.

For self-run camps, the program and structure is entirely up to you – we’ll just serve your catered meals and let you get on with it.

If you’ve got any questions not covered here, please Contact Us! Our experienced bookings team is waiting to answer any questions you might have.