Partner with our adventure experts

For many schools, successfully planning and delivering an Adventurous Journey is simply too great a challenge in the midst of a busy teaching schedule. By partnering with Youthworks, you can have access to all our outdoors experiences, including qualified instructors, supervisors and quality outdoor equipment to hire for the trip.

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is an excellent program that equips young people for life and work.  At Youthworks we have been facilitating Christian Outdoor Education programs for over 30 years.  The Adventurous Journey section of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is just one of the great ways in which our programs can help young adventurers grow in their understanding of God, themselves, and the world around us.

With Youthworks as your Christian Outdoor Education provider you ensure that your program is:

  • Delivered in a suitable location for the needs and outcomes of your students. 
  • Facilitated by fully qualified and professional Christian Outdoor Educators who are passionate about using adventures in creation to provide life changing experiences for young people.
  • Planned and delivered in accordance with current industry standards and reviewed by industry leading risk management processes.
  • Supported with the best resources, equipment and logistics including real-time satellite monitoring and communications systems operated by our expert expedition coordinators.

Due to the unique nature and requirements of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Adventurous Journey, we recommend you Contact Us for more details.